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Published 12 April 2023

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British Standards...

British Standards Institution (BSI) has opened a public consultation around the imminent update to the current version of PAS 2035. This consultation will close on April 21st 2023. 

What is PAS 2035?

PAS 2035 is the framework which oversees the retrofit process in the UK. It dictates how a building would be approached when considering retrofitting energy measures, which measures would be appropriate and lays out best practice guidelines for installation. It runs throughout the whole retrofit process and encourages a whole-building approach to benefit the house and the homeowner.

What is the Purpose of the PAS 2035 Update?

The PAS 2035 Update has been designed to improve the way that retrofit is carried out on homes throughout the country. Retrofit is a necessary part of the UK’s Net Zero and energy strategies, but in order to work correctly, it must be done in an efficient and effective way. PAS 2035 is the key to making this a reality.

The proposed changes are designed to protect homes against poor-quality retrofit. Not only will this serve as a protection for the state of the buildings, but also the health of the occupants. Furthermore, the update will shift the focus even more onto a ‘whole-house approach’ rather than thinking in terms of individual measures. The updates will also include the correction of known technical errors and inconsistencies which currently exist within the PAS. 

The Proposed Changes in the PAS 2035 Update 

The proposed changes include:

If you would like to find out more about this, then please visit the BSI page regarding the PAS 2035 Update

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