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My EPC summary is showing an error screen

In some cases you may encounter the error page above when trying to calculate your EPC summary. There are a number of issues that can cause this to happen. Some common points to look out for are noted below:

  1. Double check you have entered all of the required data into each section – even if a green tick is showing there may be some missing or incorrect data input.
  2. The hot water section is often overlooked, always check the drop down menus have been filled in correctly.
  3. Check the address of the building – if the postcode is missing a space this can cause the EPC calculation to error.
  4. Watch out for typos in the measurements e.g. make sure you are not missing a decimal place in inputs.

If you have carefully checked all of your data input and you are confident it is all correct then there may be a deeper software related bug. In this case please email for further help.

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